Several new publications!
In the interest of free and open decapitation science, all our papers from 2023 onwards will be openly hosted online here.
χ-Ray Guillotine Facility inaugurated
UG Babaji inaugurated the Baba Mastaanji Memorial Guillotine, the first of a state-of-the-art line of decapitators, to provide seamless and modern decapitation to all participants at the institute who desire it.
Invocation ritual: Caution
Our new director will be conducting trials for the invocation of the infinite devourer that guards the void between the realms. This is a 3G event. All participants (except the devourer) need to be fully vaccinated.
New director assumes charge
Shri (×7) Ugranarasimha Gramasimha Babaji has been appointed the academic director of the MPI-SoD, and will dictate all internal matters henceforth. May God have mercy on our souls.
Clock synchronisation warning
At 3 PM today, all clocks in the institute will be unexpectedly synchronised (by upto one minute). Please plan accordingly.
Scalp injuries and fatalities
A specimen has used the unplanned clock desynchronisation event to escape, and has caused serious scalp injuries, death and/or vomiting among several researchers. Please be warned!